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    R.A Long Park, Longview WA

    JUNE 22, 2024

    Variety Pack

    Variety Pack is a Seattle-based Alice in Chains tribute band. We started out as a band that played a mixture of grunge songs from all grunge bands, ergo the name "Variety Pack". We enjoyed playing Alice in Chains covers so much that our setlists became overloaded with Alice in Chains. Soon, we decided to become an Alice in Chains tribute band and have started playing only Alice in Chains. The current line-up of the band has been together and playing Alice in Chains since 2019.

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    Upcoming Shows

    22 JUN 2024
    Longview, WA R. A. Long Park

    Past Shows

    4 MAY 2024
    Everett, WA Middleton Brewery
    9 MAR 2024
    Portland, OR Stage 722, Morrison Market
    6 MAR 2024
    Seattle, WA High Dive
    12 AUG 2023
    Seattle, WA El Corazón
    15 JUL 2023
    Oakland, CA Retro Junkie
    14 JUL 2023
    San Francisco, CA The Chapel
    18 MAR 2023
    Lynwood, WA Vessel Taphouse
    14 JAN 2023
    Seattle, WA El Corazón
    19 AUG 2022
    Lynwood, WA Vessel Taphouse

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